What is Employment Network (EN) Capitalization?

EN Capitalization is a method by which your organization can obtain additional funds for your activities. These funds can be obtained through grants from foundations and corporations. While it will take some work on your part to obtain this type of funding, the results can be extremely rewarding. For example, grants can provide funding for staff, software, hardware, outreach materials, and administrative costs. 



Where Does This Funding Come From?

There are several grant-making foundations that provide financial support for specific programs and causes, including assisting individuals with disabilities and assisting individuals obtain employment. These foundations will solicit proposals from organizations that seek these funds and then decide which proposals show the greatest promise in helping the foundation achieve its goals.

What Do I Need to Do to Obtain Additional Funding?

First, you need to decide if you are willing to put forth the effort. Getting involved in the process means that you must be willing to devote the necessary staff time to obtain this type of funding. Also, since funding is typically not immediate, you need to decide if your organization is willing to wait nine to 12 months to receive the funding.

Second, you must put forth the time to do some research. You will want to identify those foundations and funds that best match the goals of your organization. In doing so, you will want to consider the grant size, limitations or exclusions for the funding, the proposal deadline, and other important factors.

Finally, you will want to dedicate the resources necessary to develop the proposal. This can include providing staff with the time necessary to write the proposal or hiring someone specifically to write the proposal. When writing the proposal, make sure you are writing it in a way that suits the requirements of the foundation.